What about Infertility

Obsidian Tempest makes a good point in the ongoing National Daycare debate.

He says,

in effect, a childless couple like myself and my wife are helping to pay for childcare for anyone who happens to have kids, whether they can afford the daycare themselves or not.

In turn, do you think fertility treatment is covered by our medical insurance? Not a freaking dime…

By all means, parents should not be “punished” for being incapable of having children. Unfortunately, I don’t see this injustice as being high on the radar of politicians. It should be…

Its another very important angle to consider as this National Daycare system takes effect. Maybe as part of the reforms for daycare, fertility treatment will be added to the basic coverage of Canadians. Unfortunately, when things like eye and dental coverage are missing from the default list, I think fertility treatment will be low on the priorities now matter how fair it would be.

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