Canadian Soldiers to train Iraqi Forces

Some more news tidbits from the Canadian Military:

  1. Canada is sending a small compliment (30) of soldiers to Jordan in support of NATOs effort to train Iraqi forces
  2. Soldiers in the Canadian Armed Forces will get a big raise in the Budget next week. Good for them, they deserve it, why are soldiers and especially soldiers families always somehow treated as second class citizens, when they are there to defend their fellow citizens!? Their salaries should be inline with, say, the RCMP.

I found the link to the Salaries of Canadian Armed Forces personnel…

Here are the current tables for Regular (monthly pay) and for Reserve (per day) salaries.

One reply on “Canadian Soldiers to train Iraqi Forces”

  1. A raised glass (clink) to Canada for its contribution. An indication that the recent successful Iraqi election has inspired Western nations to assist in rebuilding Iraqi in become a decent and democratic society.

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