CBC exposes Quebec Power Plant security

Hey, I wonder if Bill and FoxNews will pick this one up….

Radio-Canada, the French language CBC network aired a documentary last night where apparently their reporter walked right into the control center of one of the largest Hydro stations in Canada… it’s in James Bay in Quebec, and it supplies power to millions of Quebecers and into the US.

Apparently, Hydro-Quebec tried to get the courts to stop the CBC from airing the piece, citing national security concerns. But I think the Judge is dead on on this one:

“Hydro-Québec knew since [Monday] the content of the report and had the time to react to the risks and, if they didn’t, these risks deserve to be known by the public.”

Nothing compels a government and company more than public embarassment and exposure.

Good on the Radio-Canada reporter for showing that if a Terrorist wanted to inflict serious economic and logistic damage on the US and Canada, he need only slap on a touque and some mits. climb a fence, and blow up a control center.

I can only hope that BC-Hydro takes note aswell, as I’m sure their stations are just as lacking in security and possibly even more critical given Californias’ dependance on BCs’ electricity supply.

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