Mad about Teething Madly

Hi everyone.

I guess the only news that I could give you is that there is no news. News is brewing though… Jade has been teething like crazy the past few days. I little crankier than usual, especially at night when her teeth seem to hurt more. There were a couple nights there where we had a really hard time getting her to sleep. One night we had to resort to a little bit of Tylenol to soothe the pain. Hopefully we’ll soon see some perly whites to validate all this pain (for her!)

We had fun on the weekend though… on Sunday we went down to China Town where they were having their formal New Years celebrations… welcoming the businesses into the New Year with firecrackers and dancing dragons. It was fun! jade didn’t seem to mind the loud firecrackers and drums… she was mostly tired, and happily snuggled in Theresas’ Hip Hammock (highly recommended!).

We went down there with Karen, Ian and their 4 month old Peter. He was much less impressed with the whole firecracker thing. He was just trying to get some sleep when this horrendous banging sound started!! His eyes flew open and he flinched with every pop! Poor little guy… hopefully next year he’ll be able to check out the Dragons and be a little more interested in the whole affair.

This week should be interesting. We’re taking Jade to the pool! She’s going to “Diaper Dive” classes… where she, and we, learn how to play in the water! It should be a blast. We have two classes per week… unfortunately we’ll miss next weeks because Theresa and Jade are off to New Brunswick to visit Great Grandpa Johnson!

They leave on Friday night…

That’s all for now!


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