A Letter to MP Keith Martin

Letter to Liberal MP Keith Martin:

Dear Dr. Martin,

The recent debate over Same Sex Marriage legislation being considered in the House has been intense. It is clear that the debate will not end soon, and that it is important for as many people as possible to make their view known to their representatives so that our MPs have a clear direction and can vote accordingly.

Since you are not a member of the Cabinet, I understand that you will be voting freely. I hope you vote for this legislation as I believe it is a crucial evolution and progression in the efforts towards equality and human rights in our country.

However, that is not the main point of this letter to you.

What concerns me more than the debate between Canadians is the interference and influence of foreign parties in the debate. Specifically, it has been widely reported that various groups representing the powerful Christian lobby in the United States have taken a keen interest in the debate and have gone so far as to lend huge monetary support to groups in Canada in an effort to influence the process.

I believe this to be totally innapropriate. I welcome debate and lobbying from any and all groups *within* Canada. But when groups as powerful as those in the Religious Right in Washington D.C. take aim on our nation there is little that domestic groups can do to compete.

I ask that you raise this issue in the House of Commons and bring it to the attention of all Canadians. I ask that you please make it clear that it is innapropriate for American lobby groups to try to mold Canadian society to their image. While it is clear that we must maintain our longtime friendship with our American friends, we must at the same time stand up for our own beliefs and values.

Legislation in the Canadian House of Commons is for Canadians to debate… others may offer their opinion, but providing overwhelming financial support is simply going too far.

Thank you for your attention and your continued excellent representation of my riding.

Chris Alemany

UPDATE: I see now that My Blahg has also sent a letter to his MP saying much the same thing. Funny, his MPs name is Martin too!

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