Heidis nightmare has begun!

Hey everyone,

Well, Jade will be 9 months old in a few days! I can’t believe how fast this first year is whipping by!

Jade is now 17.7lbs and over 2 feet long! She’s getting more and more unruly… arching her back, flailing her arms and kicking her feet. All in good fun of course.

We have some new pictures from the weekend, hopefully I’ll get them from Grandpa Cliff today so I can put them on the site.

I did want to point out one really fun thing that happened last night though. As we were sitting on the couch playing with Miss Jade, Heidi was in her usual spot curled up in the far corner of the couch trying to get to sleep (you know, cuz cats don’t sleep enough already).

All of a sudden Jade looks over at Heidi and, with outstretched hands burbles “Mmmmbahhhmmm!”. I lean her over so that the poofy fur of Heidis’ tail is just within reach, and Jade latches on! I pull her away, she takes a little tuft of fur with her, and the cat just moves her tail a little over to the side.

But Jade isn’t done yet… she has her eyes fixed on that fur and is bubbling and gurgling like mad… so I lean her in again. Again she feels the nice soft fur and then grabs hold. Heidi twitches her tail away, but Jade (I) leans further in to get a better grip. Again, another tuft of fur comes out. And this time Heidi actually lifts her head and gives a stare only a cat can give.

I lean Jade in one more time and she grabs the very end of Heidis tail. The cat has finally had enough… she’s obviously annoyed and looks at me as if to say “Why are you letting this drooling beast touch me!”… and with that she exits, couch right, and heads for her munchies.

So Theresa and I have decided that Heidis’ life will never be the same from now on. Jade has definitely taken an interest, and liking, to her feline companion.

As Mr. Burns would say….


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