US Senators response to Volcker Report


So, I went looking for some responses from the people who have been most vocal in the US Senate against the UN and the OFF program.

I only came up with one response from the supposed “leader” of the movement against the UN and Kofi Annan, Norm Coleman (R-Minnesota)

He said:

I’m pleased with the preliminary report presented by Mr. Volcker. It confirms many of the findings of our investigation at the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations. In the coming days, investigators from PSI and I will closely review this report.

In other words we didn’t see everything we wanted when we first read it… maybe it’s buried in the details somewhere, we’ll get back to you.

This preliminary report shows that the OFF procurement process established by the U.N. was inherently flawed. It also shows that the U.N. internal audit mechanisms were ‘under funded,’ ‘undermanned,’ and ‘unable to meet’ the challenges of the Program.

Yes, they were, but of course, we knew that already because the member states of the UN, never pay their bills because they deem the UN insignificant and irrelevant, right?

This report exposes the corrupt actions of Benon Sevan, head of the OFF program. The report shows that he repeatedly lied to investigators, has misled the inquiry about the source of $160,000 in cash deposits and unethically steered oil for food contracts to close associates and lied about those relationships to authorities.

Based on this evidence, I urge Secretary General Annan to lift Benon Sevan’s diplomatic immunity so this case can be reviewed by federal prosecutors. There is more than enough probable cause to believe Benon Sevan’s actions constitute criminal activity.

Kofi Annan has made it very clear that that is his intent. I’m sure that’s all because of you Mr. Coleman, congratulations. So what about the other 6 billion (I thought it was 10 at some point) siphoned away by Saddam.

oh wait… here it is.

There are still, however, many questions that my Subcommittee is continuing to seek answers to, perhaps most importantly, whether the billions of dollars in illicit revenue from OFF abuses are funding the violent insurgency in Iraq.

Translation: I don’t believe the Interim reports conclusion that the major illicit revenue came from illegal smuggling of oil that was actually known and ignored by my Committee. There *must* be another explanation.

In the interests of transparency, I hope the United Nations will provide my investigators with the same access to key U.N personnel and documentation that Mr. Volcker’s investigators have. My own investigation at the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations will continue.”

Translation: So, if the UN doesn’t let us conduct our own investigation, where we can come up with our own, opposite conclusions, then I’ll accuse the UN of corruption once again and continue my ludicrous campaign of defamation and fear mongering.


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