Iraq Votes!


The Polls are now closed. CBC reports that the final estimate of voter turnout has gone done to 60% from 72%. Still not too shabby. I’d like to see a breakdown from the various regions. Reports are all saying that Sunni turnout has been quite low. We’ll see just how low.

We should know the final results in about a week.

Again, Congratulations Iraq!

The initial reports are looking very good!

Reuters is reporting an overall turnout of 72% with an hour or so to go before polls close. FoxNews is also reporting that the turnout is as high as 90% in the Shia South.

There doesn’t seem to be much in the way of violence… it seems that the Iraqis who were helping or cooperating with the terrorists have decided to vote instead of killing their countrymen.

Today is a historic day in Iraq. While I have never supported this war and still believe it to be a terribly misguided and dangerous occurence, today is a very good day for the a people that have suffered horrendously under Saddam and since the invasion. The US deserves the credit for at least giving the Iraqi people the chance.

I recommend checking out as many of the Iraqi blogs you can on the left, many have updates and have very interesting posts today.

Congratulations Iraq!

Chris Albrighton has the view from the Street in Baghdad.

Democracy in Iraq talks about casting his ballot.

Iraq the Model exclaims, “The People have Won!”

Raed isn’t so sure.

3 replies on “Iraq Votes!”

  1. Yes, this has been a good day for Iraqi people. I was amused at Juan Cole’s gloomy and negative comments about the “hoopla” and this first phase of budding democracy in Iraq and the ME. I’ll wager that as each step is taken in this process, Professor Cole will only be able to point out its flaws. I fear that Democracy anywhere in the ME will be a disappointment for him.

  2. Some suspect that Raed is ex-Baathist member of Saddam’s regime. He actually says that all the pictures of Iraqi voters are staged and the election is all a big conspiracy to provide a fake election for the TV. I’m sure I would readily believe such a story unless I knew so well that no conspiracy could include any media on a widespread basis…big mouths would be blabbing in about 3 minutes. hehehe.

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