CBC and FoxNews pee on each other.

Haha. I never thought I’d use the word “pee” on my blog.

But it works…. I have to laugh at this story cuz it’s so typical of what Big Media has become. For the most part, the likes of the CBC, BBC, CNN, Fox, CTV, Global, ABC, CBS… etc etc.. they all have their “slant”. And it’s readily apparent in their broadcasts.

What’s really funny though is when they start getting defensing and accusing each other of being biased or a mouthpeice for whomever.

That brings me to this story about a Documentary recently produced and aired by the CBC program The Fifth Estate appropriately called “Sticks and Stones“.

It examines how the media in the US has increasingly become a forum for partisan debate rather than informed journalism.

Now I haven’t seen the program yet, but I do agree with its’ basic premise. Indeed, I think Canadian media has fallen into the same trap with the G&M/CBC vs. the National Post/Global TV, but as with most things Canadians, we are slightly more subdued about it.

Now apparently Bill Oreilly of Fox Fame has taken exception to what was apparently the rather negative light that the Fifth Estate shone on his employer…. so much so that his headline on the O’Reilly website asks:

“Why is the Fox News Channel being attacked so maliciously by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation?”

If you saw this segment on O’Reillys’ show, please comment. Because I find the whole thing quite ironic…

I can’t find a single critical article of the US Administration on FoxNews.com… I mean come-on… there is an add for a “Free Bush Map” (??) on the FoxNews frontpage, what does *that* have to do with the news?

Would there be a similar advertisement for Clinton if he were still president. Ya, I didn’t think so.

And they accuse the CBC of being a mouthpeice for the Canadian government… :rolleyes:
Here’s the CBCs’ rather tongue-in-cheek “reaction.”

No… the reality is, in a free society with free press you can be perceived as a mouthpeice of the government Of The Day regardless of whether you’re privately or publicly funded.

I challenge anyone to say that Fox wouldn’t say the exact same thing of the BBC had the UK not supported the US in Iraq. Instead, they just deride the BBC anyway as a lefty source of news even though the majority of the citizens of their ally watch and listen to it every day.

4 replies on “CBC and FoxNews pee on each other.”

  1. You’ll have to watch the FoxNews “News” rather than something like O’Reilly. I used to watch his show because he took on issues, pro and con, that others wouldn’t. Now he is too wrapped up in himself. Stick to Brit Hume and Shepard Smith.

  2. Well, unfortunately, in the next couple days I’ll be unsubscribing from the digital channels to save cash… so my only source for FoxNews will be online.

    I’m quite disappointed actually… I’m going to lose my BBCWorld feed too along with about 100 other channels. But, ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

    Maybe someday I’ll make enough money off the ads on this site to afford Digital again.

    hahha. maybe not 😉

  3. Well, you only stay poor while the kids are in the nest so you should have enough money for luxeries like TV in another 20 years or so…so cheer-up. 😉

  4. Hahah.
    Try telling my wife that, I think she’d faint! 😉

    Ya, shedding the single bachelor/childless couple lifestyle is a toughy

    It’s a good thing she’s worth it (both shes!)

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