Environment Catchup

I haven’t done a post on the Environment for quite some time and there have been a number of interesting goings on. So here goes.

First, Renewables.ca has a number of interesting stories right now on their front page. Including one on a 100MW Geothermal plant being built in Northern BC and a new group in Maryland being formed to develop and promote a “Vertical Axis Turbine

Also, there is a new SETI-like distributed computing project going on that is striving to predict climate change.

ClimatePrediction.Net is the site to go to if you’d like to donate your spare CPU cycles to the discovery of climate patterns on Earth. The site is run by scientists at Oxford University.

The group has just published their first findings from their project, and it’s not great. They’re models have predicted a rise of between 2-11 degrees Celsius (that’s about 5-20F I think) over the span of 100 years. The differences in predictions correspond to the rate that CO2 that they predict could enter the atmosphere in that time, causing a Greenhouse Effect.

I hope they have a Mac client for their software! 🙂

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