Iraqi Election Coverage

As the fateful date appears, a website has popped up tracking election coverage “as it happens”.

Make sure you go check out:

Friends of Democracy

Also stop by another Iraqi blog:

Democracy in Iraq

And finally, if you’d like the point of view of a Kurdish voter-to-be, go check out Kurdo’s World. He just put up a “FAQ” on the elections.

4 replies on “Iraqi Election Coverage”

  1. Chris, despite some of the guests’ comments, I think you are very articulate and reasoned, just like LT Smash. You are not the voice of the stereotypical F-America crowd just as LT isn’t a stereotypical right winger.

    Keep doing what you’re doing, nothing wrong with criticizing anyone or any policy as long as the criticism derives from something more than vitriol and schadenfreude.

  2. I agree. You are articulate and also brave to venture into the right side of the blogosphere with strong opposing viewpoints. I will probably never agree with the anti-American positions you take as they are based mostly on facts taken out of context and typically ignore any of the good (and there is a huge gap there most of the time) our country has done and continues to do in the world both inow and in the past.

    Lately the criticism provided was replete with recrimations for the US NOT to have interferred more in the affairs of such places as Cuba, the Philippines, central America, etc, etc. whereas at the present you think our interference in Iraq’s internal affairs is totally uncalled for and a great injustice. The only consistancy that’s really noticable in your analysis of US 20th century history is that we are always wrong and damned if we do, damned if we don’t.

    Having said all that, please remember I wouldn’t bother debating or arguing with you at all if you weren’t a reasonable and intelligent opponent. Your responses are always polite (the worst thing I remember you ever saying to anybody is “piss off” about a year ago and furthermore, you provide an essential service – presenting an opposing view point. I want to thank you for your restraint and intelligence however wrongheaded your allegiance to the Euro approach to solving the world’s problems is. 🙂

    I remain your American friend – Jane McSwain

  3. John and Jane:

    Thank you both for those words of encouragement. I admit I was feeling a little under seige, but i knew I would be when I started responding to Smash and frankly, it can be a heck of a lot of fun to get people all riled up every once in awhile.

    There don’t seem to be a whole lot of Left voices in the blogosphere.. or perhaps it’s more that those on the left and right stick to places that share their point of view.

    I always enjoy the back and forth and try to participate in a knowledgeable and respectful way.

  4. I think there are lots of left blogs but I don’t go there much because every time I have and ventured an opposing point of view I’ve been cursed at in appallingly bad taste or accused of being somebody else using a different name. It wasted too much of my time and energy to keep going back so I just didn’t. However, you could probably find some good ones by following links on sites you already are aware of.

    What got me started and led me to SMASH and Deansworld (and lots of other sites as a result) was going to the agonist site at some lefty’s suggestion. I didn’t really care for the format of that site but the debate was intelligent and not gutter-talk even though thoroughtly left wing. You might try that one if you haven’t already.

    Please don’t ever stop speaking your mind. You do a good job of it and have inspired me to do a lot more thinking on one or another subjects over the past 12 months. And yes, IT IS FUN! to get people riled up providing we don’t descend into the world of gutter talk (which we don’t). 🙂

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