Palestinians: Weapon Carrying Banned

Mahmoud Abbas has apparently banned all Palestinian citizens from carrying weapons in public.

I’m really becoming more and more encouraged by what the new Palestinian leader is doing. He has beefed up security on his *own* borders, in an effort to stop terrorists from crossing. And now he has basically said that if you are not a policeman or soldier, you can’t run around Gaza with an AK-47.

He’s obviously testing the will of the terrorist groups. He’s inevitably going to split them into those who are with him, the moderates, and those who are so extreme that they will always be terrorists.

This split is key.. once he does that, and, presumably, he is backed by the majority of Palestinians that understand his moderate position, he will be able to villify and deal with the terrorists as they should be.

One key, though, is Israels reaction. If these measures are even partly successful, the Isareli leadership will hopefully recognize and encourage the Palestinians to continue. Hopefully a “reward” like peace talks with the Palestinians will result, and the Palestinians will see that there could be advantages to supporting their new leader.

Maybe there is hope after all.

One reply on “Palestinians: Weapon Carrying Banned”

  1. There has always been hope. The death of Arafat was the greatest catalyst for hope in 40 years. The Palestinians are sick of this war as much as the Israelis are AND all the rest of us.

    I will never lose my hope for the ME.

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