Please Donate

Hi everyone.

We just got back from our short visit to relatives in Ontario. While we were there of course there was a terrible earthquake and tsunamis in SE Asia.
I’ll get back to blogging in a day or two, but right now I’d just like to encourage you to donate as much as you can to the charity that you feel could help the most.

It’s hard at this time of year after spending for the holidays… but considering how far even a small donation goes, I think it’s well worth the expense.

We’ve donating $100 to the Red Cross.

You can see a full list of charities, most with online donation mechanisms, at the CBC website attached to their articles on the disaster.

Click here

I’ve also heard mention that the Canadian government will be matching all donations made by Canadians… I was trying to find a news story that confirmed that but have been unsuccessful. Hopefully they are though.

Happy New Year.


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