All Quiet

There was a time, just a few generations ago, when one war was considered the Great War, The War to End all Wars, the most terrible of wars. Men died by the hand of fellow men, and even more by the hand of God as they struggled in the mud and filth and wretchedness that was the Western Front.

For every inch of ground that was captured, another inch was lost. There was no movement… there was only death and destruction of a generation of men.

Then on December 24th, 1914 strange things happened… the sounds of rifles and bullets were replaced with singing and laughter. Enemies became men once again. As the Eve turned to Christmas Day the peace spread up and down the line. Men broke bread and shared drink and laughter. These men did so without orders from their generals or kings… they ignored what they had been told and instead found out the truth

For just a moment in time, the hardships and atrocities of war dimmed and were replaced by the true feelings of the soldiers… the feelings of peace and love that all human beings love and cherish.

So on this day, this Christmas, be Merry, spread Love and remember that your fellow man is just that, a man, a human being nothing more, nothing less. We all share the same feelings, wants, and needs.

Merry Christmas to All.

The Christmas Truce

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