Grey Cup Update: Toronto Wins!


Toronto Argonauts 27 – BC Lions 19

Well, Toronto was definitely the better team. BC just didn’t look threatening after that first awesome drive. The BC kicker was aweful (though I think he was being told to avoid the Argo punt returners… a defeatist strategy!)

In the end, Coach Mike “Pinball” Clemens and his team fought for and deserved their Grey Cup win.

Congrats Mike and Toronto!

BC will fight again next year… and win the Grey Cup, AT HOME, in front of 59,000 screaming Lions fans!

Go Lions!

It’s been an exciting first half.

BC controlled early, but Toronto is coming on strong now.
Plenty of different looks… great passing, some nice runs by the BC running back.

What’s up with the BC kicker… geez, he wins the game for us last week and now he can’t punt more than 20 yards? Must be the nerves.

It’s going to be a great 2nd half!

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