Grey Cup Weekend Upon Us: GO LIONS!

Alright… a Sport Post.

This Sunday will mark the 92nd Grey Cup.

The CFL Championship is being held in Ottawa this year… and my team, the BC Lions are playing the Toronto Argonauts!

It is inevitable that BC will win of course… but it will probably be a pretty close game. BC plays a truly CFL style… pass, pass, pass. Move quick and let it fly!

It’s really great to see the CFL doing so well again. They’re setting attendance records (140,000+ fans watched the 4 playoff games… a record). And the Grey Cup in Ottawa will be watched by around 51,000 fans… who aren’t even cheering for their “home team!” (though I’m sure lots of Toronto fans will make the short trip). I don’t care if the CFL is basically a “farm” for the NFL. The football is exciting and the players don’t earn obscene amounts of money like the “Major” leagues. They play because they love it… and it shows.

I hope it’s snowing, and cold… because that’s what CFL football is all about in November.

You can check out the CFL Website. On Sunday they’ll have live updates of the game.

Go Lions!

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