Parrish the Thought

It is often hard to find good things to say about Politicians.

However, one of the good things about our House of Commons has always been a sort of levity and humour that so many of the Members of Parliament exhibit from time to time.

One particular Conservative MP Mr. Brian Pallister read this poem for the House yesterday afternoon. (Hooray for public transcripts) 🙂

Winter is coming, Christmas is near,
The anti-American carollers cheer,
Damning those Yankees with all that they’ve got,
Carolin’, carolin’; Perish the thought.

The carollers sing out the simplest of tunes,
All Yankees are brutish, warmongering loons
Never thinking that they’re the best friends that we’ve got,
Carolin’, carolin’; Perish the thought.

Their soldiers, their firemen, had husbands and wives,
They stood up for freedom, they paid with their lives,
But the anti-Americans have already forgot,
Carolin’, carolin’; Perish the thought.

Canadian farmers cannot sell their beef,
Too much is their cattle, abundant their grief,
But the Liberal relief plan is let them smoke pot,
Carolin’, carolin’; Perish the thought.

What the carollers chant is unwise and untrue,
To quiet them a piece of duct tape would do.
But the Prime Minister needs all the friends that he’s got.
Except carolin’, carolin’; Perish the thought.

So with that I say… stop the silly childish name calling and boycotts. Just get down to business and realise that we live in a weird, unpredictable, and funny world.

Whether you are Canadian, American, French or Iraqi… there are always people who will not get along… but being the optimist that I am, I believe most of us CAN and DO get along and can live with our differences as long as we are always respectful.

Oh… and tonight they will be broadcasting the This Hour had 22 Minutes skit where Parrish did her dastardly stomping.

Maybe if I tape it it’ll become a collectors item… or maybe not. 😉

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