Good News from Afghanistan

Found a nice blog giving a huge round-up of all the GOOD things that are happening in Afghanistan.

Check this Out

In Afghanistan, men used to use guns to appear strong–now they flock to gymnasiums to worship at the altar of the latest craze, bodybuilding.

Afghanistan has become the latest link in NATO’s “Virtual Silk Highway”–the project which provides high-speed Internet access to the academic communities of the Caucasus and Central Asia. On 10 October the first link was established between Kabul University and the Silk Highway’s European hub at DESY (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron), in Hamburg, Germany.

The first sign of change is a sign, posted on the brown mud exterior wall of Soheila Helal’s house and garden to announce her private courses. When the Taliban controlled this western city, Helal had to teach in secret. Now she is free to advertise.

In three Afghan provinces–Faryab, Daikundi and Nuristan–more women than men turned out to cast ballots for president during elections October 9. According to official election results as of October 22, 53 per cent of voters in the central Daikundi province and 52 per cent in Faryab in the north were female. In Nuristan in the east of Afghanistan, 50 per cent were women, and Herat and Paktia were only one percentage point behind.

Lets hope the good times keep rolling.

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