Confirmed: Rice replaces Powell

ABC News is Reporting that Condoleezza Rice will be nominated by George Bush to take the Secretary of State position from Powell.

If there was any doubt that Powell was a Moderate and opposing force in the Bush Administration… there should be even less doubt that Rice will be a strong supporter of the Bush Doctrine.

Another interesting side thread…. there are many rumblings that Condi Rice could run for President.

The possibility of an all female US Presidential campaign in 2008 is very real.

Hillary vs. Condi, stick those two in a TV debate… put on you safety glasses, their combined IQ will burst most TV sets.

UPDATE: Reports now indicate that Richard Armitage has left his post as Deputy as well. I haven’t heard any speculation on his replacement, but I heard one British analyst on CKNW (local talk radio) say that Paul Wolfowitz was in the running for Secretary… so perhaps he is now in the runnning for Deputy.

Wolfowitz is one of those boogey-men that lefties like to point out and scream at. He’s a major contributor to the 3-axis/neo-con/Bush Doctrine…

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  1. I’d love to see it. It’s about time the US elects a president who is not a wealthy, white man. Sadly, I think both parties are too sexist and opportunistic to let this happen. If either Hilary or Condi secure their party’s nomination, the other party would probably select a man to court the sexist vote.

  2. I dunno.. I have a slightly different view.. not sure if it’s less or more cynical. 🙂

    I don’t think either party has any problem with nominating a female, or person of colour, as their presidential candidate. If it means they’d win an election.. why not? Nothing like fighting fire with fire. And hey… with Condi being black… well.. that’s a major boost right? I dunno.

    Both Hillary and Condi are incredibly wealthy and still, I think, represent the elite rulers of America.

    Now if Colin Powell were to run for President, at least he’d show every poor black teenager who thinks his/her only option is to join the Army that they could eventually find themselves in the Oval Office.

  3. I don’t think, in the end, that Hillary will be nominated. The Dems are not doing too well the last two decades running North Eastern liberal Senators for President (which is what she has made herself into by winning the NY Senatorial seat). The Donks are in the midst of major “stratigerizing” and want to come out in 2008 with an image of moderation which is not Hillary’s reputation.

    Hillary is really and truly a formidable political figure but she is not the magician her husband was/is when it comes to the process of building an image of trust and personal connection that is needed in Presidential candidates in the US. She is wildly popular with the party faithful (though not with the general population) but I think those in charge of the Dems are going to have a lot of objections to her candidacy in 2008. They know that the extreme left of the party must be held in check if they are to ever regain majority status in the country.

    As for Cond Rice? I’m skeptical that she will be nominated or will even want to run but who knows? It is certainly possible. Right now, I’d rather see Guliani than Rice but it’s a long time ’til the next election and there could be lot’s of other players by then.

    It will be interesting to watch as things slowly develop by 2007 when the campaign will begin in earnest once again here in Iowa.

  4. Man.. I really don’t like how this comment page is formatted… it sucks. I need to fix it.

    Anyway! 🙂


    You make some interesting points about Hillary, I kind of just assume that Hillary is the obvious, automatic choice (assuming she wants to).
    She is very polarising though, that’s for sure…but I think at least some of Bills magic will have rubbed off on her.

    Condi is certainly more up in the air… Guiliani would definitely be a worthy opponent as well. I’d have to say I respect him as an individual… I’d be interested to see what stand he took on certain policies.

    But… like you said, it’s going to slowly develop until 2007… that’s a long time, and a lot can happen. As we saw in this last term… things can happen that are, god forbid them, unimaginable. And they can lead to unimaginable consequences.

  5. Yes, your formatting is unique in that everything is centered like poetry with uneven margins. Quite frankly, I like it. I’ve seen much worse on a few other sites. So I vote leave it as is. ;D

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