Usama bin Ladin speaks

Just saw this on the BBC and AlJazeera… apparently there is a new video from him. Definitely current because he makes comments on the US election.

Will this have an affect on the US election? Very hard to say. The Candidates may choose to ignore it (quite understandably)… we’ll see.

AlJazeera was provided with the video tape and will be posting an English subtitled version on their english website.

Here’s is Aljazeera in English

If possible, I will download the video to my website so that you can get it from here as I would think there will be limited bandwidth available from AlJazeera (making the video potentially very slow/choppy).

Stay tuned…

Is this related?
An “American Al-Qaida” group is threatening attacks on the US in the near future.

It seems with every passing moment the decision of the American people on Tuesday becomes more and more important, more pressing, more dire.

I hope their choice is a good one for all.


As promised, AlJazeera has now posted more of the original source footage and a transcript. You can download both from my site.

The Video is “zipped” so that you must download to your computer… and first ‘unzip’ it then view the file in Windows Media Player. This should all be automatic on Windows XP.. if you have any problems please leave a comment.

Download Oct 29 Bin Laden Video (with english subtitles)

You can also grab the Transcript… I’ve simply “printed” the AlJazeera website page to a PDF file. You should be able to view it directly in your browser, or with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Oct 29 Bin Ladin Transcript

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