First Week Fun: 2523g

Hello again.

Well, it’s the end of our first week with a baby in our house and it’s been GREAT! She’s now 5lbs 9oz! She’s grown a whole 8oz since she came home so we must be doing something right!

It’s been hectic this past week. But it’s also been really really good. I think we’re handling the whole thing pretty well. I’m proud of Theresa and myself for how we’ve managed. A lot of the credit, though, has to go to the nurses in Special Care who taught us so much without even us realizing it.

Jade really is the perfect little baby. She barely ever cries. When she does it’s because she’s really hungry, or bum is exposed to the cold (relatively) air or something. 90% of the time she’s either just lookin’ around and grumbling/grunting/cooing… or fast asleep.

She’s also getting a lot better at taking milk from the breast. Theresa says she’s latching on and sucking a lot more strongly now.. a good sign. Hopefully that means that in a couple weeks she’ll be able to take her whole feeding from the breast and we won’t have to prepare bottles of formula. Hopefully Theresas’ milk comes in along with it too.

Lets’ see.. what else has gone on.

Well, Baby Jade is pretty much fully equipped now. She loves her stroller and car seat… she falls fast asleep when we put her in her crazy mechanical swing thingy. You name it, she’ll sleep in it, or on it.. or with it, or on top of it. She’s pretty easy going.

Thanks to the many wonderfully kind donations and gifts by friends and family, Theresa and I are getting more and more equipped too. Jade now has a beautiful dresser… and T and I were given both a real Blender and one of those nifty Hand Blenders! I highly recommend hand blenders for making refried beans from scratch! Just dump in a can of beans into a pot.. let them boil for a bit with spices and stuff and then blend them up with the blender right in the pot! Works like a charm!

Oh.. and another thing.

There is one appliance that could not possibly have been invented by anyone. It is truly an Act of God.

That appliance, is the Dishwasher.

Bless it’s mechanical heart.

Theresas parents showed up at the door with this thing… I installed it with some key help from Cliff… and now we have a clean kitchen and sterilized bottles! WOO!

While we’re on the home improvement kick… I spent all of Wednesday installing Laminate flooring in the Bathroom upstairs… I think I did a pretty darn good job! It looks great… Thankfully, that’s the last of the major house work that needs to be done..

And, that… is the end of this entry.

Have a great weekend, and if you’re in BC… happy BC DAY!

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