Bottle Baby!:1380g

Big News today!

#1: As of yesterday she passed the 3 pound mark! YAY!

She’s looking more and more like a chubby little baby! Her cheeks are starting to get round and she has a pudgy little belly. Her arms are really starting to fill in, but that’s not all!

#2: On Tuesday she received her first feeding from a BOTTLE and yesterday Theresa got to feed her with a bottle too!!

We have kept both bottles as momentos. When I get to feed her for the first time we’ll keep that bottle too. So now, Theresas’ job is starting to grow, now not only does she have to keep the milk supply topped up (and she’s doing very well right now!) but she’s also going to visit Jade every afternoon for her 2PM feeding so that she can feed her by bottle! T was very excited of course. I can hardly wait to get a chance to feed her too.

Right now she can only really handle being bottle fed once a day, any more and it’s too tiring for her and her vitals start to dip and beep. But as she gets stronger and gains more weight they’ll feed her by bottle more and more and that will mean no more nasty tube down her nose and into her belly!

On Monday they put Jade onto Ts’ breast to see if she would breast feed. They didn’t really expect her too because she’s still very young, but she did lick them and recognize them (and then fell asleep, which is good too) so the nurses are quite confident that in a week or two Jade will latch on and start to feed from mommas breast.

What else to say? Well, not too much i don’t think. Jade is really doing quite well, she’s still getting the odd Apnea here and there.. usually just after she feeds but they’re all pretty minor. Most of her time is spent sleeping.

It’s hard for T and I sometimes when we go to see her because she’s often just been fed and is sleeping. So we don’t want to take her out and hold her because it would disturb her sleep. It’s hard to look through that plastic case at our little daughter and not be able to cuddle her! But we’re OK and things are definitely progressing well.

Have a great weekend!


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