A little Blood never hurt anyone

So yesterday I got a bit of a scare. Theresa phoned around lunch time, in tears, to tell me that they were going to give Jade a blood transfution because her Red Blood Cell count was low. Poor girl, she was really upset about it. They phoned her so that they could get her consent of course but she didn’t react too well to the news. I wish I could have been home with her.

So I got home from work and we went to the hospital after having some dinner. The nurse told us that the transfusion went well and that there was nothing to worry about. That made Theresa feel much better. Like T said… the Pediatrician actually told us when Jade was born that she would likely need to be given blood at some point, so it wasn’t a surprise, it was just a little bit of a shock to the system because Jade had been doing so well and this seemed like the first “serious” problem.

Luckily, though, it wasn’t… just one of those things that they do. The nurses and doctors are all amazing and we’re lucky to have Jade in their care.

Jade was doing well again last night… she was fussing quite a bit while the nurse changed her and cleaned her and changed her blankets. I had never seen her squirm so much before. There were arms and legs flying everywhere! She was also very awake, as in her eyes were WIDE open.. well, relatively speaking anyway, they were much wider than T and I had seen them before. We tried to get as close up to her as possible so that maybe she could recognize her parents but who knows if she can even focus at all.

Other than that.. not too much new. Jade never missed a beat for her transfusion, so we’re trying to keep up by bringing in new bottles of milk everyday. She grew another 4g I believe yesterda. So that should put her around 854g.



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