Growing Stronger: 850g

Well, Mom is out of the hospital, so there isn’t much to say about her anymore and I’m sure she’s happy about that. 🙂

Jade is continuing to do really well. I just put up the latest pictures and movies so be sure to check them out there are some real treasures.

Jade is now a whopping 850g (908g is 2lbs). She’s growing fast.. but luckily not too fast (which would mean her kidneys aren’t keeping up with the feeding). So all is quite well. They took away her IV yesterday! She still has the needle in her arm just in case she needs it again but as of last night her only supply of food was her moms’ milk! YAY

On that note, Mom is working hard to keep up with Jades’ feeding needs. She went from needing 3ml/3hrs to 10ml/3hrs in just a few days! So Mom has her work cut out for her. We stocked up on a million little bottles… we’ll have to dedicated a whole cupboard to them I think. We’re going to get a little mini deep-freeze I think as well so that there is space to store all the milk.

It’s all quite exciting. Theresa and I are still really enjoying her finally being home. It’s sure nice to have her home. Heidi missed her too.

Actually, I should take a moment to tell you a little story about the cat too. I thought we lost her a couple days ago when she didn’t come down to greet me in the morning like she normally does. It turned out that she somehow managed to squeeze her little body into our shed outside and then couldn’t get back out! So she spent the night and morning outside… silly kitty. Theresa only noticed her when her mom went by the door and a little paw came out as if waving for help.

Well, not much else to report really… as they say, no news is good news… tonight I’ll hopefully be able to hold Jade. I’m nervous and excited… but mostly nervous. I’m sure I’ll get used to it though. I just have to remember not to look at all the beeping/blinking monitors!

Oh… and I’ve set up Theresa here so that she can post updates as well. She’s not as much of a writer as me though, so who knows what you’ll squeeze out of her. 🙂

Talk to you soon!


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