Happy Long Weekend!: 874g

Hi everyone!

Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend. After a rainy day yesterday it cleared up in the evening and today it’s warm and sunny!

Everyone is doing great here. Theresa is feeling better and better. Soon her stomach will be healed, or at least comfortable.

Jade is doing great too! We went in on Friday night and couldn’t figure where she was. She had been moved to Level II! We get to hold her everyday now for at least 30 minutes but usually closer to 45 or 60min. Both Theresa and I have been able to hold her. It’s been really nice.

Jades breathing has been good. Not too many Apneas and she’s been correcting herself most of the time when she forgets to breath. She’s eating 18ml of breast milk (through a tube to her stomach) every 3 hours now. Theresa is trying her best to keep up. It’s pretty amazing how well she’s been doing. Every nurse remarks on how strong she seems to be and how healthy she is. She’s a lot more active now when she’s awake. She moves her hands and arms a little and squeeks and opens her eyes and seems to try to look around.

She has blue eyes. At least for now. You can just barely make out the color.

I think that’s about all. We’ve been having a nice weekend. Saw some friends and my Dad and Step-mom are coming to visit tonight and tomorrow.

Enjoy the new pictures and the rest of your weekend!


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