(Sent to the Alberni Valley News September 7, 2023)

Dear Editor,

As I drove past Coombs Country Candy on my commute to work this morning I noticed a new billboard promoting BC LNG. I believe the slogan was: “BC LNG – It Helps”. How insulting. 

Not only is this a complete fabrication — Natural Gas from BC has been shown to be as dirty as the worst coal fired power and worse, it competes with clean renewables — but Port Alberni and the whole West Coast is also emerging from a summer of isolation and depressed business activity due to an unprecedented, climate-change fuelled, forest fire that saw, according to witnesses on the ground, old growth trees “candle” as the fire quickly lept down the steep slopes toward the lake.  

And now, just days after the road reopens, a fossil fuel lobby group is trying to convince Port Alberni that massively increasing LNG exports will help the chaos their industry has brought down upon us? It is an insult to our intelligence and experience. 

I don’t accept help from charlatans and liars hell bent on burning down British Columbia and the rest of Canada for their personal profit.

The Global Day of Climate Action is on September 15th.  Hope anyone reading this can make it to City Hall in Port Alberni at 5PM to participate.


Chris Alemany

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