(This letter what sent to the AV News on April 5th, 2022)

Dear Editor.

Time has run out and now forestry must change very quickly.
Please read these two statements from the UN report released on April 4. They show the problem, and the solution.

“About half of total net [agriculture, forestry and other land use] emissions are from CO2 [land use, land use change, and forestry], predominantly from deforestation.” (Page SPM-7)

“In most globally modelled pathways that limit warming to 2°C or lower, the AFOLU sector, via reforestation and reduced deforestation, and the energy supply sector reach net zero CO2 emissions earlier than the buildings, industry and transport sectors.”. (Page SPM-32)

I remember in the 1980s growing up here in Port Alberni, the forest companies were talking about selective logging, small forestry, and reforestation.

I know politics and social media has made it feel like any reduction in logging is a threat to people, but it isn’t. We do have companies that create jobs by using every last inch of all types of wood. Port Alberni can be and needs to be a leader in creating and managing living forests. That is not what is happening today. We need to show how to create more jobs by leaving forests intact and reforesting.

That path will guarantee a liveable climate and permanent jobs.

Chris Alemany

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