I was down getting some tires in the area yesterday so I thought I would take some more pictures of the work at Dry Creek.  Things are definitely moving along.  The gallery below will have the pictures I took earlier in the month (and posted here) as well as pictures from yesterday so that you can get an idea of the progression.  Amazing that it has already been almost a month!  The creek behind the businesses on the West side of 3rd is looking very good especially.  Check out all the slideshows below!  And please let me know if the slideshows don’t work on your device.  This is the first time I’ve used them on this page.

First From the 4th Avenue Bridge looking East (upstream) which hadn’t really gotten started in July (and I didn’t take a pic then doh!) 🙂

From the 4th Avenue Bridge looking West (downstream)

From the creek bed behind the Jade Restaurant.

And the trenching of the rest of Dry Creek

The next council meeting isn’t until September 17 so things are pretty quiet.  However, there is a Solid Waste Management Committee meeting at the ACRD tomorrow that I will be attending in place of Councillor McLeman.  Good times talking about Garbage and especially what to do with Organics!

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