As you all likely know by now the debate about the “10th Avenue Crossing” is back on! Well, how about a Poll! You can vote to the right. —->>>

The latest development is a plan put forward by a knowledgeable community member to create a “dip” style crossing that would be longer, but perhaps half the cost of the $14 million ($160/yr/taxpayer) straight tall bridge from 10th.

Here is the comparison published in the AVNews. The new route snakes along the creek bed rather than going straight over it.


There will be a non binding question on the ballot in November asking if Council should pursue the straight bridge. But what do you think about this new option? Vote in the poll on the right hand side of this page!

My thought right now, even though I’d love a quicker way across, with the lack of grants from senior government for such a project it would be prohibitively expensive for the benefit even if it was $7 million instead of $14 ($80 vs $160/yr). I also have great concerns with filling in a large portion of the Roger Creek ravine to accommodate this kind of plan and I am sceptical the DFO would even allow it. I would much rather an even cheaper option of a small foot and bike bridge, either a suspension or wood frame that would could be build with volunteer help and with community funds to connect North port and South Port which would be a huge improvement, and to serve the educational and recreational facilities there as well. If anything we will need the big money for our existing crossing bridges on Gertrude and Victoria Quay which are getting very long in the tooth.

That’s where I stand for now, what do you think?

Don’t hesitate to leave your ideas and comments below! Or send them to or give me a call, 250-723-0889.

8 replies on “POLL: How do we cross Roger Creek?”

  1. I think if it is built the straight across one is better. If the city is to complete the vision of a Roger Creek Trail from the lower foot-bridge to connect with the Roger Creek Nature Trail, the other alternative would cause too much disruption of the ambiance and the habitat. One of the wonderful features of the creek ravine is the shale cliffs. If they were to be used as fill they would be ruined. It is also a wildlife corridor and there are significant fish values that are at risk with this choice. It’s dumb on many levels.

  2. I would like to see the Second Crossing built, on the shorter route, straight across…..It was a promise made upon the amalgamation of the Twin Cities, back in 1967 !!

    I believe the response times for all forms of Emergency Vehicles would be greatly reduced, and maybe there could be additional growth along this enhanced traffic corridor as well…

    The upper Roger Creek ravine, is a wonderful area….Maybe there could be, in time, an access made for recreational use there….bicycle and foot paths..hiking & nature trails….possibly a vehicle access, for picnic areas too…..could be a really wonderful park, if done right….

  3. Why are ” we ” connecting to tenth ave in these scenarios . Absolutely asinine , Tebo needs to connect north island collage . Infrastructure along Johnston already in place , traffic flow to the collage , ADSS . Multi-plex make most sense . I you look at the direction of housing construct in that area , this route ( Tebo/Kendall ) …It’s a friggin no-brainer ….I just shake my head and wonder how we got this far

  4. IF it must go through…. Tebo -> Kendall ALL THE WAY!!! A crossing at 10th is ridiculous!

  5. I would rather see my tax dollars go to something else. I don’t need to save 5 minutes on my twice daily commute from south port to Cherry creek;)

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