Live Tweet-Blog of Alberni PacRim All Candidates meeting

Done… comments coming in a later post.

Final Comments, in order of presenation:

Greens: Back with his display… Green pitch: Green party shares a vision for prosperity, fairness and sustainability that is achievable today. Our plan is based on a Green Economy. Shift Taxes (not raise), Green Collar Jobs. Solar Energy Generation. Local Food Production. Expand River and Restoration Projects. A healthy economy depends on healthy environment. Then gave good basic explanation of why STV “lets you have your cake and eat it too”.

Refed: We need to change. Need Direct Democracy so that when politicians do something you don’t like you can call for a referendum. “Right now our gov. works on deals in secret”.

NDP: You know the issues. The Students at ADSS know the issues. There must have been 400 students there… they know the issues. It’s about the answers. I’ve taken your issues to the legislature. I don’t let go. I’m proud to make the issues of PA the issues of BC. Whether it’s seniors care, palliative care… we’ve been at the forefront in the last 4 years in the Legislature. The Looting of our Province is what is at stake. Our Crown assets. BC Rail Mired in Scandal. This government is giving away control. GIven us the highest child poverty rate in the country. A building in Vancouver that is $500 million over budget. 34 thousand forestry workers have lost their jobs…. We can change all this. Take it back…. bring out five friends and we can take out this government.

Liberals: I care about finding solutions. The corruption charges I would like to rebutt. Weyerhauser giving the Libs $500,000 is not true. They’ve donated 110,000 to the Liberals in public records. The BCGEU has donated 343,000 to the NDP. That’s how our system works. I am deeply rooted in this region. Do we have challenges, no question. I bring a balanced approach. I’ve been very nervous, you’re a very big crowd. I have an excellent, proven track record. I will take Alberni and your region into the future.

Last Question: — Not a log leaves this Valley without it being processed and turned into manufacturing here… what will do to make that happen.

NDP: I’ve been at every rally. I was in the Legislature raising this. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. These same companies have invested mills in the States, not here… you restrict Raw Log Export and bring in incentives to reinvest here.

Greens: It’s pandering to corps. Greens want to protect local economies. Promote BC jobs and BC products. Eliminate PST on made in BC products.

Liberals: Need to do everything we do to keep logs here. Need to work with folks like Wood Tech 21. Need to look for solutions.

8:52 Paramedic — Why does current government think it’s acceptable to have communities with very long response times… people waiting at home for a call take 40min to get there.

Liberals: I will work with you in any way to make that response time better.

NDP: Don’t know why the gov. has not addressed. There is an extra need for you now that services have been stripped from Hospitals. Your contract should be negotiated in good faith.

Greens: I would like to hear your solutions to your problems, I don’t know your job well so will look to you. Greens want reasonable working conditions and fairness.

8:49 — Crisis center funding… PA is busiest crisis center… why is VIHA giving least money to PA core services

Green: Why is VIHA not held accountable? Maybe look at who is in charge. Have heard that there are empty beds in public facilities to empty them out into private facilities.

Liberals: Funding formula is based on population rather than busyness… will commit to working with you on that.

NDP: Should be run on a needs base. Brought it to the Legislature.

8:44 — Do you support the continuation of the $6 training and raising minimum wage

Greens: Training wage — Can be merits… 500 hours seems excessive and leaves system open to abuse. It should not apply to adults and it should be 2 weeks (80 hours) not 500 hours. Minimum wage… not right now… we’re in a recession.

Liberals: Small business people work very hard. We need to support them so they pay more than minimum wage. I would be interested in reviewing 500 hours.

NDP: 500 hours is exactly the time period of summer time. You can learn to fly a helicopter in 500 hours.. it’s not for flipping burgers. We can’t afford not to raise minimum wage. There has been no increase in 8 years. It’s not right.

8:40 — Sorry I missed this question…

8:35 — What is the official stance on the STV…. NOT stance on peoples choice.

Liberals: Don’t have a stance. If BC wants to go… then we will support that. Personally… I’ve learned alot about it and I need to learn more.

NDP: NDP did not take a position specifically. Not for politicians to decide. It is not appropriate to take a position. I find it confusing.. I haven’t made a my decision.

Refed: It’s mind boggling… and our system now is complicated. Just remember it is going to stop strategic voting and will give you a choice. That’s the biggest benefit.

Green: Does wholeheartedly support. It is your best interest. STV will allow you to vote for who you really want to vote for.

8:34 — How would you secure a 2nd access route.

Greens: I dont’ know what the solution is… it might be a 2nd route, it might be widening, it might be rail lines.

Liberals: I helped with the Haggard Road effort. …. lists benefits…. and will work hard to make it a reality.

NDP: We have to look at that alternative. The Minister has mellowed a bit. I worked with Haggard as well. And we need the E&N railway as well for transport and economy.

8:27 — What will parties do to keep folks, seniors, living in Mobile Homes… able to afford it and sotp development of mobile home parks.

Greens: Big Corps get too many big breaks. They can finance elections. Respect the rights who live in their homes to stay in their homes… minimum livable income… you should be entitled to live there if you rent or own.

Liberals: Mobiles are an important piece of affordable housing. Look forward to working with you.. my mom works in Mobile Home.

NDP: Stripped away rights of Mobile Home owners… took away deterrents. NDP introduced Private Members bill to help people move or at least get market value… it’s overdue.

8:23 — Recent University Grad… What is the NDPs plan to further these increases… to NDP

NDP: That figure is mainly Capital. Tuitions have doubled. Restore Grants. And stop making money off of Student Loan interest.

Green: We need to train a workforce that is competent and able… will support Post-Secondary education… we support the entire system from PreSchool to Higher Ed.

Liberals: Tuition averages about $4700… we are currently 5th in Canada as far as rates… we’ve created a childrens eduaction fund…. there is a 100% Student Loan Forgiveness program.

8:20 — What do we do with the report that was created on Forest lands in Alberni.

NDP: Implement the report… it’s just collecting dust.

Greens: We should return to the way it was before… need strict standards to ensure it is sustainable…. why should corporations care about us. We need to generate high value added jobs.

Liberals: We should do more to get more manufacturing jobs so that less logs are exported.

8:16 — Why do you support Run of River.

Liberals: They are green energy… David Suzuki supports them… many “climate university professors” support them. There is a very stringent process.

NDP: If it’s under 49MW… which is huge… like the small 5MW projects near Alberni… there are no real regulations

Green: We support RoR on a case by case if they don’t damage… other alternative techs must be included that *don’t* effect rivers and salmon… we would encourage BC Hydro to be more involved and have more, local, generation for resilience.

8:15 — Question for Green Party: Why do you support STV —

Green: Had a great chart explaining STV

Libearls… we support the decision of people.

8:10 — Paramedics — Did you know that Paramedics working tonight are making 1 and 2/hr… what is your parties platform re. AMbulance Service.

Green: We support fairness in workplace. There are certain ideologies that involve privatization and cutting cost at any cost. I don’t see how can you object to arbitration.

Liberals: Paramedics are valued pieces of our community. I know that the process you’re in will reach a satisfactory conclusion.

NDP: I know the frustration of your members. I support the request of your member of an independant arbitrator. Vince Ready should be brought forward. For the future… you need to deal with a gov that honours contracts.

Refed: I don’t think the government should be controlling…. our party will give you referendums

8:03 — Small Business… How will you support…

NDP: Drop Small Business Tax… renew funding to parks to help tourism… rural economic development fund to bring back wealth from urban areas… take back BC Ferries so that it is controlled ferry rates… raise minimum wage in order to get that money into local economy… and get rid of $6 “Slave” wage.

Refed: Get rid of NAFTA…

Green: Taxes… shift taxes. To tax pollution and discourage… and to encourage Green economy… reduce income taxes in Small Business and People. Provide grants and incentive to small businesses who are Green. Sustainable lumber industry with high value jobs… restore and protect fishery.

Liberal: I have a small business background… 44% reduction in income tax for Small Business. Harmonizing and cutting regulations. Minimum Wage: “If we have a dish washer in a restaurant….. (party line)

7:59 — Accountability… on BC Hydro, BC Rail, VIHA, BC Ferries

Liberals: BC Hydro is not going to be sold off. I’ve built a relationship with VIHA…

NDP: VHIA… top down doesn’t work.. bean counters… take back BC Ferries… need a full audit cuz we don’t even know… BC Hydro, Accenture.. take it back… moratorium on IPP

Refed: 1-2-3 step… all authority will be owned by the people. Power to fire politicians.

Green: Beleive in Free Enterprise and Capitalism… some services must be public health care… I miss Canada Post… BC Ferries… too expensive… the present is government is undermining public healthcare. Preserve the public system.

7:56 — Directly to Greens…Assuming STV wins… with that in mind, would you consider withdrawing your candidacy to support the NDP in this election…

Green: We are in the middle even though NDP has some great ideas.

NDP: We will implement STV if it is approved… and pursue other mechanisms.

Liberals: It would take a long time for STV to be implemented so it might not get in by the 4 years.

7:52 — Private Land removal from TFL
Refed: DOn’t know enough

Greens: Good example of doing favours for companies. It’s not sustainable as wood is going out too fast. Need more processing and keep more jobs in BC.

Libs: Private companies own that land… and decisions are made when the question is asked by companies

NDP: Gov failed to take into account of public interest. There are mechanisms to take it out of TFL… not giving it away. The minister changed the law and gave them everything for free…

7:48 — What will each of you do to get the road to Bamfield paved with the next 2 years.
NDP: I just kept bringing the issue forward in the Legislature… the Ombudsman report agreed with everything… and now something is finally happening, not paved, but it’s a start.

Green: I would support paving that road… why would Greens support it? Because it

Refed: Don’t know… but will look into it… “I’m a straight shooter”.

Liberals: We’ve had lots of conversations about it… about chip sealing…

7:43 — Question… Indigenous to this land…. left us in poverty… Kelowna Accord… what happened to it.
Liberal: I wasn’t involved, but we have moved on to a new partnership/agreements… the gov needs to work with Federal to find solutions for First Nations. She supports the current path of the gov.

NDP: I was there when Kelowna accord was signed. Stephen Harper tore up the agreement… we are used to torn up contracts in BC. The UN rights of Indigenous Peoples should be included in all treaties.

Refed: The Federal gov is the one not negotiation with First Nations… $1.5 Billion in courts. We will renegotiate with Feds to settle the land claims.

Greens: We want to eliminate poverty. That includes First Nations. Offering a Minimum Livable Wage. That would bring them up to the Poverty line. Stop favouring corporation that want to keep extracting minerals… remove them from process and get fair land claims done.

7:38 — Chronic Underfunding of Education and Health Care system is ideologically driven…. “Do you beleive in Public Delivery of Health Care”

Green: Absolutely we believe in public delivery of health care and education… need smaller class sizes for both students and teachers.

Liberals: It goes iwthout saying we support public health/education… there has been 5086 built in the province…

NDP: Those are not new net beds… they produce 800 care beds. Education… 11,000 classrooms are violating govs. own laws. NDP will ensure funding is there.

Refed: Privatization is coming… we are not getting the money back from our taxes.

7:35 — Question: About Where to put Seniors who are stuck in beds in Hospital… they should be in homes, not taking space in hospital.
Refed… ICBC has huge surplus… use it
Green… What is a high standard of living if you don’t have medical care… need more doctors… need fairness for employees who work in medical facilities… will finance them and open new local facilities… the present situation is wrong.
Liberal… Health care is crucial to our province… 45% of our budget goes to health care… it is a priority… we are going to be supporting health care… prevention… spent $5 Billion on health care since 2001. Doubled spaces for doctors/nurse training. Doctors/Nurses have signed on to longer contract…

NDP: Campbell did not deliver the seniors beds. having to go to acute care… surgeries cancelled. We will produce 3000 care beds.

7:31 — Is closing down Parks and not rehiring summer work a precursor to selling them off? WHere is the support for Tourism.
Liberal: It’s a tough year this year… have to look at staffing every year…

Greens: There is no support for tourism here… “is it fair to lay people off in a recession”… they’ve made a committment to work… it’s depriving them. Is this just cost cutting? Or is there another agenda

Refed: We are going to take back $12 Billion that we send to Ottawa… that will pay for many social programs including parks.

NDP: Obama is investing in parks in his recession plan… NDP will reverse those cuts… hire a youth team… renew the parks with them… bring in people and make work for the recession. Take back BC Ferries that make it so expensive to travel to the Island.

7:25 — Mayor Ken McRae… What is your solution to help communities dealing with companies like Catalyst not paying taxes.
Scott Fraser… it should never have come to this… NDP will make a commission, independant, to help save jobs, communites, companies come to a solution. Catalyst put out Millions of dollars of bonuses last year…
BCRefed: Catalyst should allow tax dollars to take a stake in the equity of the government
Greens: It’s pretty clear… Port Alberni will be in a difficult spot financially without sudden tax… Greens would extend no-interest loans to Port Alberni to get through … large corps don’t care about local communities/economies and local environment. In the long run, plant workers should take over and run it.
Liberal: Look at what bridging might look like for City/Catalyst… provincial government has substantially cut taxes for Catalyst. Catalyst has been supported… Catalyst needs to be good participation… will go to Victoria and ask for this to be looked at.

7:21 — Questions: Gordie… why did St. Jaques not go to Gordon Campbell about BC Rail… Answer from Dianne St. Jaques: The BC Rail case is in the courts… can’t speak to it… what i do know is the mayors in Northern communites are doing well and progressing nicely.
Scott Fraser: That’s the only answer we ever got… Mr. Kinsella did run the campaign in 2001/2005… and wrote the “I will not sell BC Rail”… then hired and payed 300,000 dollars to sell BC Rail.
Dallas/Refed: We’d have direct democracy with Refed… that means BC Rail would have had to go to referendum
Paul: Example of sneaky background deals that Greens oppose… we believe in more access, openness and access to Info.

7:19 — Enforcing laws that make drugs scarce… we support high prices and encourage crime… “Green Party will legalize and regulate psycho-active drugs… harm reduction… can work here.

7:17 — Shift Taxes to polluters and away from green businesses… (this guy is a little on the monotone side… low on the passion… high on the preparation)

7:16 — Paul Musgrave from Green Party….

7:15 — Take back BC Hydro…. “We need to have vetoes”… with Ottawa…

7:12 — “Now Dallas Hills from BC Refed… Constitution for BC…. Referendums on all legislation… Renegotiate deal with Federal Government… expose SPP and TILMA… nothing good about NAFTA… our party is different… we’re just like you… I love this province…

7:08 — “I’ve worked hard on your behalf”… “Exposing handover of public lands from TFL44” … “Ty Watson House…” “I kept raising the safety standards in Bamfield”… “I won’t have empty slogans and platitudes… I want your hard questions”

7:07 — Next into, Scott Fraser… current NDP MLA

7:06 — Dianne St. Jaques has drawn in first and is speaking about her background and she is telling the crowd how under the NDP they tried to make a difference for the displaced forestry workers while she was Mayor of Ucluelet, but things did not change until the Liberals came in.

7:04 — The meeting has started… for some reason my iPhone doesn’t like the wireless at the Cedar Room, so I’m updating on the blog rather than tweets… The Liberals, NDP, BC Refed and Greens all have representation.

6:18:15 PM: The meeting is at Echo Centre starting at 7PM tonight.

6:40:27 PM: Before the meeting with the kidlets…

9:12:16 PM: Post Edited: Live Tweet-Blog of Alberni PacRim All Candidates meetinger (#url#)

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