Try out BC STV online!

This is really cool!

Some ingenious folks have created a website that mimics a BC Election using the BC-STV system.

You can select your riding, choose your candidates, and then see how your vote gets processed. I “voted” multiple times by going to different ridings so that I could see how my vote worked if I voted in different ways. Make sure you click on the “All Rounds” link when you get to the results so that you can see how the votes get transferred through all the rounds.

It is very interesting. And while it is clear it will take longer to have a final result under STV, it sure will be nice to have the choice and to be able to elect different foks from different parties! It really works!


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  1. It should take little more time to count votes under BC-STV than it does to count them under the current system. The extra time will only be spent on recording the preferences listed by voters. Once those rankings are plugged into the formula, results should come out pretty quickly. You’ve seen how quickly the latter part works yourself with that nifty tool.

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