Jeff Rubin talks future Economy

Apparently he was on “The Hour” on CBC a couple days ago. Here is the vodcast, it’s very very interesting how he ties everything together.

Mr. Rubin also did a Live Chat at CBC Online yesterday that provided some more direct answers and questions about his views on the global economy and energy issues.

One of his central themes is how energy prices affect food prices

more than anything else soaring oil prices will flow through to soarign food prices. moderm agriculture is really about truning hydrocarbons into food so the soaring prcie of hydrocarbons flows through to the prize of fertilzier , to the price of running irirgation systemns and tot he prcie of fueling your tractor and combine.

We will grow more and more of our food at home . as we do we gradually revert back to the diets of our parents when supermarkets where stocked with local produce.

Here’s the Online Live Chat “Replay”

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