Two Days of Melt in the Arctic

See the images below… to see how fast the ice is receding in the Arctic. The difference is quite striking.

As I blogged on the 9th, the Arctic is at a record minimum for ice cover.

Here is the image from the 9th:

Here is todays image (11th):
(click this one to see a bigger version)

Look at the difference just 2 days makes… the large hole developing in the Western Canadian Arctic… the widening of the western entrance to the NW Passage… the clearing of ice in the Canadian archipelago… and the extreme thinning of the Russian side towards the North Pole (deepest purple is thicker.. red–>yellow is thinner.) The north pole is the white dot.

(Now… would all this worry about sovereignty in the Arctic really be happening if our oil reserves really were all hunky dory?)

Oh.. and if you’re curious about where the new Canadian port at Nanisivic and expanded arctic base at Resolute Bay is… here’s a map…