Are Tasers a form of torture?

Under the Geneva Conventions electrocution of a prisoner would be considered torture.

So what about Tasers?

Last week, an Iranian student at UCLA got tasered:

The Youtube video is below… the officers keep saying, after tasering him the first time.. “Stand Up!” “Stand Up!”… but really.. if you’ve been tasered, would you be able to stand up? Are your muscles not immobilised when shocked with 40,000V??

Why don’t the officers just drag him out of there, handcuffed… like they would have in the “old days”. There were 3 of them… and one resister… who wasn’t, at any point, even lashing out physically.

The man had no weapon, had done nothing to anyone else. He had been asked for his Student ID and refused.

At least our civil liberties have cellphone cameras to protect us from people like these officers.

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