Remembrance but also Understanding

I must be short as I’m headed to Victoria to visit family and celebrate my birthday (which was on the 9th).

Today is like no other Day of Remembrance in Canada that there has been for perhaps 40 years.

Canada is engaged in a War.

On this day, remember the Veterans, honour them, wave at them and shake their hands if you can.

But also remember that the current soldiers you see marching will most likely be going off to fight their own generations war in Afghanistan.

They also deserve our honour and respect.

On this most special of days, remember what became the solemn oath taken on this day in 1918.

Never Again

While that is easier said than done, it is none the less a goal we must strive for, and we must examine all of our actions as closely as possible to ensure they do not go against that overriding goal.

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