Must see Video.. a secularist (female) Arab on AlJazeera

This was on Al Jazeera back in February, so current events sort of add a bit of interesting spin, but it is still a must see.


The points she makes are deep and poignant. Surely the fact that:

a) Al Jazeera simply allowed her to be on at all
b) She expressed this view so clearly and succinctly
c) She had the courage to do this… knowing perhaps that she might face consequences.

is all encouraging…

I can only hope a lot of people heard her. Her speech also proves another point that Israel did itself a great disservice by blowing up most of Lebanon.

I also disagree with her contention that the Muslim world “started it” in the Middle Ages.. at this point, it doesn’t matter who started what.. only that it is ongoing, and she understands that in order to resolve it once and for all all sides, but especially the Arab and Muslim worlds, must come to grips with have the courage to stand against those who would use their religion to commit senseless acts of violence that no other religion, in modern times, does on it’s own accord. (There’s a difference between an idiot President pulling the trigger and hoping that God Bless Him… and someone carrying out an act and calling it divine fate.

Here is a later interview with the woman, Dr. Wafa Sultan on Israeli Public Radio. She further explains her point of view and her vision for what she wants her message to create.

Here is Part 2 of the interview, where the Dr. gives an impationed plea for the Woman of the Islamic world to assert themselves.

Perhaps this Dr. will be a future leader herself… I think we could only be so lucky.

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