Israel targets and destroys UN outpost – Harper says?

The title says it all.

Israel has deliberately destroyed a manned UN observation post in southern Lebanon.

There is some conflicting reports on the nationalities of the peacekeepers, but there seems to be agreement that one each from Canada, Finland and China were killed.

The BBC reports that the 4th was from Austria.

The CBC is reporting though that the 4th was French.

The AFP is reporting that Lebanese security sources indicate the 4th was Austrian.

It doesn’t really matter.

What matters is that Israel deliberately destroyed a United Nations outpost. Reports indicate that the outpost had been under an IDF artillery barrage earlier on Tuesday. The 4 peacekeepers were sheltered in the bunker underneath the outpost. Then the IDF bombed the outpost from the air… killing the 4 peacekeepers.

…. why not turn the tables on this thought?

If this were an Israeli outpost… and Syria, or Iran, or, previously, Iraq, bombed it, killing 4 Israeli soldiers… what would the Israeli response be?

After all… we’ve all seen what happens when 3 IDF soldiers are kidnapped…


As for the local reaction.

What will Stephen Harper have to say? Will he be a witness when that Canadian soldier when is returned to Canada? Will he attend the funeral? Will he reflect on why he is supporting an Israeli government that is willfully displacing and killing Canadians, both civilian and military?

When an Afghan kills a Canadian… it’s Terror.

When an Israeli kills a Canadian it’s…. justified?

From the CBC report:

Daniel Ayalon, Israel’s ambassador to the U.S., called Annan’s reaction “deplorable.” He said the observers were caught in crossfire between Hezbollah and Israel.

The BS-oh-meter is high on this one… last I checked Israel has been using laser guided weaponry (we’ve seen the pretty pictures on CNN, yay!)… so what.. this bomb just went off course?

Reports also indicate there was continued IDF attack even as rescuers entered the rubble to try to save/extract the peacekeepers.

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