______ Extends Emergency Laws

Can you fill in the blank?

______ “has extended controversial emergency laws giving the security forces broad powers to arrest and detain people without charge. Parliament agreed another two years of the legislation on Sunday. ”

“But opposition groups said the law failed to combat terrorism and was used to violate the rights of [citizens].”

“Many opposition MPs came to the parliament session wearing white and black sashes saying “No to the emergency law”.”

“The government is drafting anti-terror laws to replace the emergency law, which had been due to lapse at the beginning of January.”

“[The Prime Minister] said the government would not use the legislation other than to protect “the citizen and the security of the nation and to combat terrorism”.

I’ll give you a hint… it’s a country.

Where is it? Europe? North America? Africa?

Give up?

It’s Egypt

Isn’t it wonderful how freedom and human rights are sweeping the Globe?