Korean PM resigns for playing Golf

How different politics, and honour, can be in other countries.

South Korea’s prime minister offered his resignation and an apology Tuesday for playing golf while a national rail strike disrupted his country.

Lee Hae-chan’s resignation was accepted by the country’s president

If only other leaders were so honourable and held to such impeccable standards.

Need I remind my readers of our own leaders transgressions? Which include…

in Canada:
Allowing party hacks to get rich on taxpayer money
Ignoring promises made in an election about ‘integrity’ and instead allowing an MP to completely betray the majority of his own constituents.

in the US:
continuing a “vacation” while there is a national catastrophe in New Orleans (killing or displacing thousands)
starting a war without UN approval nor sufficient military resources (and then failing to “win the peace”… causing untold 100s of thousands of deaths)
spying on your own people.

I think there was a time when, at the slightest whiff of scandal, this sort of resignation happened on a regular basis in both Canada and the US. It may have even been as recently as 20-30 years ago. Now though, greed, power, and corruption seem to have taken hold for good, and a powerful cabinet minister, Prime Minister, or President resigning of his own free will is… well…


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