Do what we say not what we do.

In another wonderful example of American (and not necessarily only Bush&Co) hypocrisy… we have this story.

The Bush administration is developing plans to design and deploy refurbished or replacement warheads for the nuclear stockpile, and by 2030 to modernize the production complex so that, if required, it could produce new generations of weapons with different or modified capabilities.

Oh but there’s more.

Under current plans, the number of deployed U.S. warheads on submarines, missiles and bombers would be reduced to between 1,700 and 2,200 by 2012.

That’s only enough to destroy the world twice over! Great!!

There would be an additional number, said to exceed 2,000, that would remain in a strategic reserve, and it would be the latter that could be further reduced under the RRW program.

Phew… thank goodness for that as well. Wouldn’t want all those nukes just sitting on a shelf.

But in the meantime.. we should ensure that Iran can’t develop nukes… cuz they might lob one at Israel in 20 years when they finally get enough HEU to build a bomb.

Oh and we should continue to keep Israel nuke-capable. Because they need to be able to nuke other people before they get nuked first.

Why are politicians so bloody BACKWARDS sometimes. There are times when I actually *wish* some nutty General would launch a nuke at DC or Tehran or Jerusalem or Pyongyang. Maybe then the true HORROR of nuclear bombs would be fresh enough in our mind to again spur the movement to eradicate this incredibly over-powerful weapon from our world instead of keeping it as some sort of sick world status symbol… treasured by the Worlds elite… and aspired to by the worlds most insane.

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