Tech: Apple MacWorld features Intel MacBook

In my other job… I’m a committed and positively grizzled Mac fan from way back. So today, when Apple CEO Steve Jobs stepped on stage at the MacWorld Expo in San Fransisco, I was glued to my computer laptop (even more than normal).

For the Mac user community, MacWorlds garner the sort of anticipation usually reserved for, I dunno… the SuperBowl… or a Daisy Duke a.k.a Jessica Simpson closeup.

It’s big stuff… and it gets people reeeeeally excited.

Steve Jobs didn’t disappoint this year. You can read an excellent, and humorous (though the hyper-geek humour may be lost on most) rundown of the days annoucements at Arstechnica.

The biggest annoucement, however, was the inclusion of Intel Processors in Apple computers. You likely know Intel’s name… they make the brains of the majority of the computers you see. Except of course Apple. That ended today. And in true Apple and Steve Jobs fashion, the Intel Era was born at Apple (3 minute BBC Video video feed.. it’s worth it).

The BBC is also carrying a longer feed (6 minutes click on the Sci-Tech section in the Video feed) of the presentation dealing with Apples skyrocketing sales (mostly of iPods).

All I really care about though, is the laptop, the MacBook Pro. It is so very sweet. 1 inch think. 5.6lbs. Powerful enough to drive a 30 Cinema Display without breaking a sweat… and, oh ya, it might just dual-boot Windows too.

This is going to be a very good year for Apple Computer. And it’s customers.

If you’d like to donate to the “Get Chris a really sweet Apple laptop” fund… feel free to leave your pledge in the comments. I’ll tally them up and hunt yo–e rrr I mean contact you shortly.

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