Epic Spam Battles: Please Register

Hi everyone.

I’ve been having some major battles with comment spam lately, and it’s really starting to drive me bonkers! I get nearly 50 emails a day, just of notifications of a new comment spam on Murkyview. You may have noticed also that your comments have not been appearing immediately, this is also due to me having to moderate everything that comes in in order to weed out the spam.

So. I’ve taken what I think is a drastic measure, but really, I suppose it’s not too bad. From now on, if you wish to post a comment on this website, you will have to Register.

There is a “Login” and “Register” link at the top of the right side of the page.

It should only take you a couple minutes. Your password will be emailed to you. You can change it the first time you login if you’d like. Finally, once you have logged in, your browser should save your password so that you never have to login again.

I hope this isn’t too much trouble for people, if it is, I apologize, but I don’t have anything left to try. I also apologize to the Anonymous commenters who might be scared away by this requirement. I value all comments, and do not want to prevent anyone from expressing their viewpoint.

That said, hopefully this solves the comment spam headache, and allows people to post freely and immediately. Thank you for your time, and, especially your comments! They are a BIG reason why I keep blogging.



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