Jim Harris taking Gilles Duceppes spot in Debate: NO!

I saw this mentioned in a poll at Progressive Bloggers.ca and frankly, it’s ludicrous.

We can’t pick and choose who Canadians should hear at the Debates. Canadians should decide that. And they have, by voting 580,000 times for the Green Party.

Taking Gilles Duceppe out of the debate would do a terrible disservice to Canadians. Canadians should know about, and have the opportunity to take to task, the Leader of the party set to split Canada. Not to include Gilles Duceppe would be to allow him a free pass.

That would be simply irresponsible.

The Green Party must be given it’s own seat at the Debate. It has earned it. 580,000 Canadians, across Canada, say so… barely 3x that voted for the Bloc.