Ex Iraq PM Iyad Allawi “shoed” from Mosque

Imagine yourself going to church here in Canada… and then being chased away while having shit thrown at you out the door.

Pretty humiliating right?

Well, if you’re a Muslim, the equivalent would be having shoes thrown at you as you flee out the door. That is the equivalent of saying “you are dirt” for Muslims.

Don’t let the Media or US Administration fool you.

This wasn’t an assassination attempt.

This was a successful Humiliation of an American puppet (who jumped into his SUV and was escorted away by Apache gunships… how apropos)

If you check out the link below you can clearly see the flying shoes (there’s probably about 2 dozen pairs in the air!) for yourself. You can also clearly see that this was supposed to be a “positive media event”. Turns out it was positive, at least for one side.

The Picture below links to CNN… check out the Video on there.

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