Policy Position: Canadas’ Role in International Diplomacy

Another in a continuing series of questions I have for politicians as this Election draws on.

You can see the first in this series at: Policy Position: On Peak Oil

Now that the Government has fallen and the Campaign is officially underweigh… time for another Policy Position.

Canadas’ Role in International Diplomacy

North Korea, the Sudan, Iran, Israel, Kashmir… these are only a handful of diplomatic trouble spots in the world. There was a time when Canada was viewed as a leading voice of reason and diplomacy. Unfortunately, it seems that as our military capability has waned, so too has our diplomatic initiative. Funding of the military is for another Position post… it need not be tied to diplomacy. What will the Leaders of Canadas’ parties do to reassert Canadas moral and diplomatic authority in the world, regardless of its’ military standing?

There is no doubt that there is plenty of “political capital” to be gained. Especially in this time of heightened sensitivity towards US Foreign Policy, Canada can act as an intermediary.

I am no Mulroney supporter, but one thing he *did* obviously understand was that in order for Canada to have a serious voice, we had to have an ear for both the Old and New worlds. Todays world is far more complex. With the rise of India, China, SE Asia, and South America as political, military and economic powers (some taking all those monikers, some not), there will no doubt be tensions. If anything, Canada should be able to draw on its’ very multicultural being to address these challenges. We have a Haitian as our Governor General, an Indian Health Minister, and dozens of other ethnic and religious groups represented throughout the halls of power across the country. This is an advantage that we must draw upon.

Canada still has significant mindshare when it comes to a mediating voice. Our future leaders must have the wherewithall to speak for us all, and bring Canadian values of diplomacy, multilateralism, and reconciliation to the Worlds table.

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