Bad Headlines for Canada: Sponsorship Program has Opposite effect?

Given my (granted limited) attempt to gather International news… I just flipped to and was presented with this as the Top Headline on the International Section.

New push for separate Quebec

If what Chretien wanted to do was truly to promote federalism, it appears he has failed miserably and, at least to outsiders, appeared to have done the opposite. I have, in the past, been a supporter of Jean Chretien, I liked the guy.. but this part of his “legacy” is very dark and very bad for Canada.

Asked if Tuesday’s report would hasten the next referendum, Duceppe said: “I’m pretty sure we’ll win the next federal election, the Parti Quebecois will win … the election in Quebec, and then we’ll go for a referendum.”

This sort of thing is not only damaging to the Liberal Party, but also to Canadians as a whole because it affects outsiders perception of Canada as a stable and strong country.

It might be time… again… to ask yourself, as a Canadian… do you truly value being a Canadian citizen? Do you value our history and heritage as a nation with two founding cultures? Are you willing to stand up and say No, Canada is for *all* Canadians and all Canadians are for Canada, from Coast to Coast to Coast? Are you willing to try to convince your otherwise unhappy Canadian neighbours and convince them that being part of Canada is far more than having a representative on a House on a Hill?

Forgive my poor french, a lack of french accents (not sure how to do that on this keyboard)

Nous devrons avoir le courage et conviction a dire au citoyen du Quebec qu’ll ne sons pas tout seule. Nous sommes tout ensemble… nous sommes tout Quebecois et Canadien. Si le Canada est brisez, on est tout moins dans nos coeurs. Ensemble nous sommes fort et on devrait etre fiere… pas de nos Parlementiere.. mais de nos accomplissement comme Canadiens. Le Canada est beaucoup plus important que les actions de quelque criminel a Ottawa.

OK, that’s all I’ll torture my French compatriots with…


Oh Canada.

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