September 05 Jade pictures!

It’s that time of the month again. Time for the monthly dose of baby pictures.

Jade is growing ever taller… and ever bolder. For those not in-the-know, she’ll be 17 months old on the 10th of October. She’s not quite walking yet, but that’s normal for a baby born 3 months premature! She’s doing AWESOME! Some may think a little too well, she keeps us on our toes around here even while she’s only still learning to user hers!

Included in the pictures are days at the Fall Fair (“Big Ned” was a Holstein steer… over 6ft 5in tall!), plenty of pictures of the new Kitten, marbles, with and without Jade. They get along well now.. Jade has plenty of kitty marks on her as she learns how kitty “plays” 🙂

Jade is also starting to eat with just her bare hands.. and we’re not talking just cookies here, we’re talking full-on mush! WEEEE!


2 replies on “September 05 Jade pictures!”

  1. I love the pictures! That’s great that she’s starting to feed herself – messy times are ahead! You have to let me know where you got her bowl from – it’s the kind with the suction cup bottom right? We’re glad to hear that everyone is doing so well – I’ll have to forward you some pictures of Pete so I won’t be outdone in the ‘proud parent’ department.

    Take care and I’ll talk to you soon!
    Karen, Ian and Peter

  2. Jade is beautiful as ever and seems to enjoy the camera! Certainly a big change from the pics seen just after her birth. So tiny then. And now here she is hamming it for Daddy’s camera. You should be proud. She is a darling.

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