EU agrees on talks with Turkey

Now we wait.

Update, Turkey has accepted the deal… “Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul said Ankara had reached agreement on a draft deal, and was flying to Luxembourg for the start of the talks.”

Austria was the last hold out keeping the EU from opening talks with Turkey.. they have apparently, fallen into line. Now the Europeans are waiting for the Turkish response.

I will update this later once we know whether the Turkish government accepts the terms of the talks. I expect they will… there is too much for them to gain.

There is also a lot to gain for the rest of us, both inside and outside the EU. As I’ve said before, I believe the only real way to spread “freedom and democracy” is by strengthening and expanding the strong economic and political zones that already exist. NAFTA, the EU, APEC, the Commonwealth. These are all groupings and organizations that can have a major effect on surrounding countries. The EU being the most geared toward that goal.

When Turkey joins the EU, and they will… then countries that border it will begin to see the benefits of a true commitment to democracy, human rights, and freedom.

So what countries border Turkey that aren’t already in the EU?


You won’t be surprised by me saying this… but Turkeys’ inclusion in the EU will have far more effect on the future of Iraqs fledgling democracy than any amount of foreign troops.

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  1. Well, I’m pleasantly amazed. The US wants Turkey in the EU as you do. You are in agreement with the US on this. Not that it matters much what the US thinks about the EU as we have no real say. Guess this UPI release is too negative or realistic or something to influence your thinking?

    So you like NAFTA. What do you think of CAFTA? I got the impression from earlier posts that you see capitalist oppression for the Central American countries involved and nothing to be gained for the 3rd world economies involved. Or am I disremembering your reaction?

  2. No I don’t agree with the negative outlook in that article at all. Yes I agree that Europeans as a whole may fear the entry of Turkey into the EU, but most, I think, and younger generations especially see it as an advantage. There *is* a huge influx of Muslim peoples into the heart of Europe, but this isn’t the 15th century. There are no Empirical armies set to overrun an unenlightened Europe.

    While Europeans may feel threatened now, and no doubt there will continue to be backlashes, my feeling is that over the long term, this is a good thing for the EU. In Turkey they gain a very strong ally in the Islamic world. While most Turks live in poverty, the access Turkey gains to European markets will allow more more employment growth and economic stability with the Euro.

    It will be a big pill for Europe to swallow, that’s for sure.. but it is ambitious and I believe will be highly advantageous to Europeans a generation from now.

    The Middle East and Africa are the last parts of the globe waiting to undergo major political, economic and social rebirths. It’s already happened in Eartern Europe and is spreading fast in Asia… with Turkey as a sort of beachhead, the EU would be poised to reap the rewards of an opening of the Middle East and North African countries.

    As for CAFTA, I don’t necessarily disagree with it. NAFTA has certainly been incredibly good to Canada and were it not for the inability for the current US Administration to abide by NAFTAs rules, then it would be even better.

    That said, CAFTA is a different kettle of fish. I don’t know enough about it’s workings to say whether it is a fair deal or not. Free Trade, I believe, is an advantage no matter what you’re dealing with. But it has to be honoured on all sides, and it must be truly FREE… no conditions attached. CAFTA could be a boon to the Americas… or it might not. The Americas might not be ready for it. I need to do more research.

  3. Yes, what a negative article masquerading as a news release. So many news readers tend to think that AP, API, UP, UPI stamp means news when it’s often soooo biased it can merely be categorized as an editorial

    You, hopefully, will be surprised that I pretty much agree with your view of Turkey gaining full membership in the EU. They first asked in 1961 so they are patient if nothing else.

    Here’s what Chirac has to say:

    “French President Jacques Chirac on Tuesday reiterated his support for Turkey’s accession to the European Union but said Ankara must conform to the bloc’s values if it wants negotiations to result in full membership.

    Negotiations will last at least 10-15 years but Turkey must take “all the necessary steps” to adapt its laws to European Union standards, Chirac told a news conference after talks with Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

    He made his comments one day after the EU launched membership talks with Turkey. Opinion polls show French voters overwhelmingly oppose Ankara’s entry, putting Chirac at odds with public opinion. ”

    © Reuters 2005. All Rights Reserved.

    Here’s more:

    “Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan reaffirmed Monday Turkey would not accept anything less than full membership of the European Union and that he was not “bluffing.” Mr. Erdogan’s comments came as European Union Foreign ministers in Luxembourg kept up efforts to agree on a framework for Turkey to begin membership talks later in the day.

    Speaking at a congress of his ruling Justice and Development Party, Mr. Erdogan stressed the European Union needed Turkey at least as much as Turkey needed the European Union. If the EU wanted to become a global player and to avert a clash of civilizations it would need to open its doors to Turkey, he said.

    Mr. Erdogan has repeatedly stressed that Turkey will continue to implement democratic reforms “with or without the European Union.”

    This should be a very interesting negotiation process.

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