North Korea pulls… a North Korea

Or maybe we should call it… “pulling a Kim”?

I dunno, anyway. Today (well, actually late yesterday… but it was Tuesday there… so it was really Tuesday… oy, i need coffee) North Korean officials indicated that the “agreement” reached yesterday would only work, and they would only rejoin the NPT etc., if they were given light water reactors… beforehand.

While light water reactors, and other energy concerns were used as carrots to reach this agreement, there was no talk of a timeline, and certainly no indication that the US and others would be giving away reactors so obviously this is a set back.

Let’s hope it’s just bluster from the North Koreans and in reality the official Party line is to keep negotiating, and participating, in good faith.

One reply on “North Korea pulls… a North Korea”

  1. It seems the request for the reactor was mentioned last week and the US etal said no way. Hmmmm. You just can’t let yourself get too hopeful when it comes to Dear Leader, can you?
    He’s a curse IMO…perhaps meds would help him.

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