Iraq is the new Afghanistan

This according to a UN report.

“Al Qaeda has managed to recover from the loss of Afghanistan as a training base for terrorism by exploiting the situation in Iraq,” the report said.

The report was the third by an expert panel set up by the U.N. Security Council to monitor al Qaeda, the Taliban and their associates.

Recruits travel to Iraq from many parts of the world, “acquire skills in urban warfare, bomb-making, assassination and suicide attacks,” and return to integrate with local fighters in their home countries, the report said.

Wasn’t it all those crazy “leftys” who kept harping about this EXACT eventuality if the US either invaded alone… or invaded without the required support. (they did both by the way).

Wasn’t it all those crazy “leftys” who said, why are we taking away our focus and resources from Afghanistan and stirring up shit in Iraq?

Now answer these question.

In 2003 could Saddam Husseins’ army attack the US causing mass casualties?

In 2005 could Al Quaeda, who is now based and trained in Iraq, attack the US causing mass casualties?

The answer should be fairly obvious… and judging by current polling of American attitudes, it appears most Americans are starting to understand that they’ve been lead down the wrong path by a very dangerous group of people.

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